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World History
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World History

1: Birth of Civilization

2: The Four Great Revolutions in Thought and Religion

3: Greek and Hellenistic Civilization

4: Iran, India and Inner Asia to 200

5: Africa: Early History to 1000

6: Republican and Imperial Rome

7: China's First Empire 221-589

8: Imperial China 589-1368

9: The Emergence of East Asia: Japan, Korea, and Vietnam

10: Iran and South Asia 200-1000

11: The Formation of the Islamic Civilization 622-1000

12: The Byzantine Empire and Western Europe to 1000

13: The Islamic World 1000-1500

14: Ancient Civilizations of the Americas

15: Africa 1000-1800

16: Europe to the Early 1500s: Revival, Decline and Renaissance

17: Europe 1500-1650: Expansion, Reformation and Religious Wars

18: Conquest and Exploitation: The Development of the Transatlantic Economy

19: East Asia in the Late Traditional Era

20: State Building and Society in Early Modern Europe

21: The Last Great Islamic Empires 1500-1800

22: The Age of European Enlightenment

23: Revolutions in the Transatlantic World

24: Political Consolidation in 19th Century Europe and North America 1815-1880

25: Northern Transatlantic Economy and Society 1814-1914

26: Latin America: From Independence to the 1940s

27: India, the Islamic Heartlands, and Africa: The Challenge of Modernity 1800-1945

28: Modern East Asia

29: Imperialism and World War I

30: Depression, European Dictators, and the American New Deal

31: World War II

32: The West Since World War II

33: East Asia: The Recent Decades

34: Postcolonialism and Beyond: Latin America , Africa, Asia, and the Middle East

The History Database